Tarzana & Encino 24/7 Emergency Dental Care From Cute Smile Dental

Cute Smile Dental provides Encino and Tarzana with 24/7 emergency dental care to remedy any of your unexpected oral health issues quickly.

What Qualifies as a Dental Emergency?

You should call or text us immediately at any time if you are experiencing severe pain, severe tooth damage, or bleeding.

When dentists label these as “emergency services,” many people assume clinics reserve these procedures for only life-altering issues. But something as small as a cavity that causes too much discomfort can qualify as an emergency.


Dr. Argina and team at Cute Smile Dental offers 24/7 emergency services for Tarzana and surrounding communities. Some examples of dental emergencies we can help with are:

  • Toothaches or pain from swollen lips or tongue
  • Bleeding
  • Root canals
  • Chipped or fractured teeth
  • Severe dental trauma or lost teeth
  • Treatment for improper dental procedures

What To Do Before Your Emergency Dental Visit

Tooth Damage

If you’ve chipped or cracked your teeth, rinse your mouth with warm water to limit swelling. Then, apply ice to the affected parts of your jaw and call or text us at (818) 776-1236.

If you’ve completely lost a tooth, place it in a glass of milk, call an emergency dentist immediately, and bring the tooth with you. We might be able to put the tooth back in place.

Jaw or Tooth Pain

Rinse your mouth with warm water and call or text us at (818) 776-1236. If you’re experiencing severe tooth pain, the discomfort might be a symptom of an infection or severe decay.

For jaw pain, reduce the swelling with ice or a cold compress and quickly visit your emergency dentist.

What Not to Do

Don’t treat your pain with at-home medication or wait until the pain worsens to call your dentist. Dental professionals will give you proper medicine and treatment to alleviate discomfort efficiently.

How Much Does a Dental Emergency Cost?

Emergency dentistry will likely cost you more than a general appointment because of the sudden service. But the exact cost of your visit depends on the treatment you’ll need.

What do emergency Dentists Do?

Emergency dentists perform emergency root canals, repair fractured or chipped teeth, treat dental bleeding, and prescribe antibiotics and medicine to stop severe pain.

The difference between emergency dental from Cute Smile Dental and general dental care is that emergency services are available without an appointment and get prioritized on our schedule.

Why shouldn’t I Just Go to the Hospital?

Hospitals and emergency rooms don’t have in-house dentists. That’s why if you visit either one with severe tooth pain or dental damage, they’ll likely prescribe you an antibiotic and send you right to an emergency dentist.

Emergency room physicians don’t have the tools or training to treat dental woes. But with our 24/7 emergency dental service from Cute Smile Dental in Tarzana, our qualified professionals will quickly and correctly tend to your oral health before the issue worsens.

How can I avoid Emergency Dental Problems in the future?

Some dental emergencies stem from unavoidable accidents, but you can dodge many severe dental woes with a few simple oral hygiene steps.

Brushing and flossing your teeth twice a day and avoiding chewing on hard objects like ice and hard candy will keep your teeth strong enough to stay intact. Additionally, when you visit your general dentist for twice-yearly cleanings and discuss your lingering tooth pains and concerns openly, they’ll help you catch underlying issues before they spiral into emergency status.

Call Dr. Argina at Cute Smile Dental for Your

Dental Emergency Today

We know dental emergencies hit when you least expect them, so we’re available for immediate care 24/7 without the need for an appointment.

Contact us today at (818) 776-1236 to receive emergency service.

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