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If you have a knocked-out tooth, you should treat it as a medical emergency. Usually, we can save a knocked-out tooth if we replace it within 30 minutes, but you have to act fast if you want to keep it. Let’s look at what you can do to save the tooth if you have an accident.

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The Best Way To Handle A Knocked-Out Tooth

First, only pick up the tooth by its crown (the top) to avoid getting any germs on the tooth’s roots. If it fell on the floor or has gotten dirty, gently rinse it off, preferably with milk, or water if you don’t have milk. Try not to scrub the tooth with anything because you may damage it.

If the dislodged tooth is an adult tooth, you should try to replace it immediately after cleaning it off. Then, bite firmly onto something soft like cloth to keep it in place. If you implant a permanent tooth back into the gums quickly enough, you might save it.

If you can’t reinsert the tooth, clean it off with milk or water, as mentioned before, and store it in some milk, saliva, or even your mouth. You must keep it constantly moist or risk further damage to the tooth.

If a child has a knocked-out tooth, don’t try to reinsert their tooth. Resetting baby teeth in their sockets could damage the permanent teeth growing beneath them. Instead, save the tooth by keeping it stored in milk or saliva. Don’t let your child hold it in their mouth, as they risk swallowing the tooth.

Regardless of who lost what kind of tooth, you must get to your dentist fast! Try to call your dentist in advance, so they know you are coming and can accommodate you when you arrive. Don’t try to go to the hospital because they don’t have the technology or tools necessary to reinsert the tooth.

The Process For Dealing With A Knocked-Out Tooth

Once you get to your dentist, the process will depend on if you have the tooth in place or stored in a fluid. If you have already reinserted the knocked-out tooth, we will X-ray your mouth to ensure it is in the correct position. Then, we will splint the tooth, joining it to the teeth around it and keeping it in place until the gums reattach to the tooth, which usually takes about two weeks.

If you can’t reinsert the tooth, we will numb the area and insert the tooth for you. Then we X-ray your mouth and splint the tooth, as mentioned above.

For children, we usually don’t replace the baby tooth. Instead, we show you how to help your child manage the pain, reduce swelling, and clean the empty socket until the adult tooth beneath comes in.

No other steps are usually needed if the knocked-out tooth hasn’t broken. However, if a tooth has exposed pulp, we’ll need to perform a root canal. Many patients feel apprehensive about this procedure, but modern dentistry practices make root canals straightforward and painless.

The Process For Dealing With A Knocked-Out Tooth
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Did You Lose The Tooth?

If you can’t find the tooth, don’t worry. We have plenty of other options for that empty socket.

We can create a denture for you, a false tooth that you can easily remove for cleaning. We can also make a bridge, gluing a fake tooth to the adjacent teeth. Both of these are relatively painless and noninvasive.

If you want something more permanent, we can install an implant, where we place a screw into the jaw bone and mold a tooth over it to fit in the opening.

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If Dr. Argina determines that your pain might require assistance after treatment, she can prescribe pain medication.

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