The Vivos® System

Imagine your child’s smile with a healthy mouth. Vivos® is the solution for you and your family to achieve straight teeth, together! The patented design of the retainers wearers’ mouths during sleep ensures that no damage will be done to their airways or bite – plus they’re removable so little ones can still enjoy things like snacks but in moderation.

They also work on building jaw strength as well due not just from wearing them at night but when possible throughout the day! This treatment averages between 12-24 months depending on how quickly kids grow (or don’t), which means it lasts longer than most other treatments such as braces and surgery!

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Does Your Child Need Braces?

Vivos aligns teeth and does so without the need for braces.

A huge benefit is that Vivos also promotes bone growth of your upper and lower jaws which will make them more permanent than if they were to wear braces, but even better there’s no embarrassment in having a removable appliance on!

ADD/ADHD Treatment?

When your child has been diagnosed with ADD/ADHD, the doctor’s solution is usually pharmaceutical. A stimulant is prescribed that pushes them over the edge to bring them back to a so-called “calm state, but does not make their condition better or address restful sleep.”

When they are tired and sick of struggling in school due to a poor attention span from lack of quality shut-eye at night, it might be surprising what you find out about ADHD treatments. The two things that every child needs to function are sleep and attention. It’s no surprise then, when they have both of these issues at once it is a lot harder for them to grow up successfully. So you can imagine how devastating this news must be for parents who try everything but in the end their kids just keep getting worse with ADD/ADHD because doctors couldn’t find out what was wrong until now!

Vivos treatment has solved one of our biggest problems – children suffering from restful Sleep Disordered Breathing (SDB) while also having ADHD symptoms.

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Vivos® has treated over 18,000
adults and children worldwide

Our Vivos treatment has helped many children breathe easy, be happier and healthier. Did you know that bedwetting is often the first symptom to go away? Kids will also feel less tired during the day, more alert and attentive in class, and have energy they didn’t use to have before starting our treatments!

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Later In Life Disease Prevention

Cute Smile Dental has the best sleep apnea and breathing therapy services in Los Angeles. Dr. Akraa says that helping people avoid future problems is her main goal, but there are other benefits too like an open airway that will last a lifetime.

She knows how important it is to keep up with oral health care for children because they have more than just teeth; their jaw can be impacted by treatments as well when stem cells activate during growth phases of development. But what if they grow too much? Impossible because the growth cannot happen beyond the body’s predefined map, DNA. This is why we state that their current state is “underdeveloped” – their full growth potential has not been reached, causing a constricted airway and from that potentially all of these problems listed on this tree above.

What Happens To Your Body
If You Don’t Get Enough Sleep?

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